David’s life journey started in the Washington Heights section of NYC. Growing up he endured homelessness, parental substance abuse, as well as a host of other psycho social factors that plagues today’s youth which led him to (proudly and unapologetically) embrace street life.

The choices he made later in life landed him in New York City jails (Rikers Island / Manhattan Detention Center) and on probation for drug possession.
David’s second conviction came at the hands of gun violence. This conviction is what pushed David to recognize the self destructive behavior he indulged in was not beneficial towards the growth in his life.

During his seven year New York State prison sentence, David saw the error of his past ways and began to transition from the destructive mentality to a person that wanted to see change for the better in himself.  David knows all too well the hardships and disadvantages he faced is the same the youth of today in his community may fall victim to.

Returning home, David equipped himself with the tools to assist in his personal growth and development as well as others. In prison is where David’s passion for art and storytelling helped him become a member of the (RTA) Rehabilitation Through the Arts program. This program is where David learned using the medium of art can bring focus and help people in prison develop critical life skills through the arts. David built on that model and developed A PATH TO GREATER HEIGHTS film and media workshop. David has written, produced and directed a number of short films, tv shows, podcasts and radio shows bringing on young adolescents from alternative high schools to assist and learn the way of the business. David has been working in the community mentoring young adults and fostering relationships to assist in their growth and development.




Telephone: 917.569.6271

E-mail: davidhopper@nanaslivingroom.org

Address: Bronx, NY 10459

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